The Process

A successful candidate will lead a UK-based high-growth profitable medium sized business and have a strong track record of delivering growth, a clear vision and plan for the future.

March 2019
Nominations open
June 2019
Nominations close
May– August 2019
Meetings and interviews
September 2019
Showcase in The Telegraph
October 2019
The UK’s Most Ambitious Business Leader announced


My business didn’t grow in its last full financial year, but is growing the current financial year – can I still enter?
Yes. The requirement is that the business is experiencing year on year growth at the time of entering. 

My business isn’t UK based – can still enter?
Sorry, this is part of the eligibility criteria.

My business is a UK based subsidiary of an overseas parent company – can I still enter?
Yes, as long as the subsidiary business is registered in the UK and files accounts here.

My business is a listed company – can I still enter?
Sorry, we’re looking for candidates running privately-owned companies.

I’m in the leadership team but not the CEO or MD – can I still enter?
Sorry, we’re looking for nominations from the person ultimately leading the organisation.

I’m in a joint-leadership role - can we both enter?
Yes, we will consider entries from candidates in joint leadership roles, either individually or jointly.

I’m nominating someone else – when do they find out that they’ve been nominated?
Candidates nominated by a third party will be contacted by our team after a nomination is made to ensure they’re happy to participate.

I don’t want the person I’m nominating to know their nomination is from me – is this possible?
No. I’m afraid due to data regulations we need to be able to confirm who has submitted the nomination.

I’m nominating someone else but can’t provide some of the information?
We only request very basic information on the company and candidate so hopefully this won’t be an issue.

What criteria are the judges looking for?
Judges will be looking for individuals with a clear vision for their business, a deliverable plan for achieving their goals and evidence of a successful track record to date.

For guidance, your nomination may want to include detail on the vision, evidence of plans to support it and information on the candidate’s successes to date.

Can I include supporting materials?
We’ve deliberately kept the nomination process simple. You can volunteer additional supporting materials if you’re shortlisted to help with the profile article we’ll produce.

Do you need photography?
We will contact you requesting photography if you’re shortlisted.

Do you need a copy of our accounts?
This won’t be necessary as we can access accounts via Companies House. You can of course provide proforma trading figures to evidence growth if your last set of accounts show a decline in sales.

What is the shortlisting process?
We will review all candidates based on the strength of their nomination and a desktop review of the business in question to ensure it meets the eligibility criteria.

Why do you want to come and visit me during the nomination process and what do I need to prepare?
Shortlisted candidates may be contacted to ask if they’d be happy for us to meet them during the nomination process. This will help our team build up an accurate picture of the candidate and explore their role, success and business. It’s a short, informal meeting and no preparation is required. This is not compulsory so you don’t have to accept a visit if you’d rather not.

What happens next?
Successful candidates will be contacted from May to confirm their place in the Top 50. You will then be interviewed by an experienced journalist for a profile article to appear in the Telegraph newspaper and online on the Top 50 website.

Are people ranked?
No, this is a listing not a ranking, and names will appear alphabetically.

Do I get the chance to approve my profile article?
With 50 articles to produce, we don’t have sufficient time to ask all candidates to approve their article. The article will however be based on information you have provided about you and your business, will be positive in nature and will be prepared by an experienced and well-respected journalist.

How is the winner chosen?
A panel of judges will review the 50 candidates in the list to determine who deserves to be awarded the most ambitious title. There is no interview required for this.

If I’m chosen, will I be told in advance?
The winner will be announced at a celebratory networking event in London in October 2019.

Is it possible to get a deadline extension?
The deadline for nominations is the 14th June (extended from end of May). If you need more time, please contact the team at and we’ll consider your request.

What if my question isn’t answered here?
Please contact the team at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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